How To Make Your Granite Countertops Last A Long Time

28 December 2019
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Are you new to having granite countertops installed in your home? If so, know that caring for them is going to be a lot different than from when you had countertops made of laminate material. Here are some tips for caring for your new granite countertops to make them last a long time.

Seal The Surface

The first thing you'll need to do after having the countertops installed is to seal the surface. This is crucial due to the material being made of natural stone with pores. Liquids can get into the material if you are not careful and cause it to become stained, which will ruin the look of your new countertops.

Clean The Surface

With a new seal applied to the countertops, you'll need to stay on top of keeping them clean using the right methods. It is best to use warm water and a mild cleaning solution, such as dish soap. You should also clean the surface immediately after you spill a liquid. You may have applied a sealant to the surface, but it does wear down over time. It is better to be safe and clean spills as soon as they happen because of that. 

Just make sure to avoid using any harsh cleaning chemicals on the surface. This includes cleaners that use vinegar, lemon juice, or an acidic cleaning ingredient. You should also avoid using any sort of abrasive cleaning materials, such as harsh sponges or scrub brushes. 

Keep Hot Objects Away From The Surface 

It is always a good idea to avoid placing any hot object directly on the granite countertop material. Granite is a natural stone, and extreme heat does have a risk of causing the stone to crack. You should always place hot pots and pans on a hot pad or trivet in order to prevent this from happening.

Reseal The Surface As Necessary

There will come a point where you need to reseal the countertops, but knowing when to do so is not always obvious. You should base the frequency on how often you use your granite countertops and how frequently the surface gets cleaned since that will slowly wear away at the sealant. If you use your kitchen a ton and cleaning it on a daily basis, consider sealing it every year. However, if you are the type of person that rarely uses the kitchen, you could go less often with needing to reseal the surface.