Is Using Quartz Countertops A Good Choice For A Green Home?

30 December 2019
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Are you building a home and looking to take steps to make it more environmentally friendly? If so, you're likely putting some additional thought into all of the construction materials that you choose to use, including the countertops that go into your kitchen. Here are some things to consider about quartz countertops to ensure you are making a choice that is good for the environment.

Quartz Is Durable

When it comes to countertop materials, you'll definitely find that quartz ranks high as a durable material. This makes quartz an appealing choice to those homeowners that want a countertop material that is going to last for many years and will not require replacement anytime soon. Homeowners that use quartz will end up keeping their countertops for a longer period of time, which reduces the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill. You may get a great deal on a cheaper material, but end up replacing it multiple times throughout the lifespan of a quartz countertop.

Quartz Is Sustainable

The material that is used to make quartz countertops is quite unique when compared to other materials. For example, while some type of natural stone can make for a very popular countertop material, they need to be mined from the ground in very large slabs. However, quartz is a blend of many different recycled materials. Quartz uses a polyester resin material and quartz crystal blend to make up the base, with recycled metal and glass used to give it a unique shine. This results in fewer new materials being used from the earth, which is less harmful to the environment. 

Quartz Provides Better Air Quality

If you are building a green home, you'll certainly have concerns about how every material affects your home's overall air quality. Many homeowners look for materials that do not contain volatile organic compounds. Materials that are more volatile tend to release gases into the air simply by being installed in your house, which can affect the air quality. It is common for some materials to release radon gases in a home, which is a carcinogen. 

You can feel at ease knowing that quartz doesn't contribute to degrading the air quality in your home. Since quartz is a man-made material, it is manufactured in a way that ensures it will not be harmful to the environment. 

To learn more about quartz, visit a professional countertop fabrication company near you.