Tips For Choosing The Right Tile For Your Bathroom Remodel

30 December 2019
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Remodeling a bathroom is a big project that involves a number of details. Most homeowners opt to use tile during bathroom remodeling. Tile is common on bathroom floors, in showers, and is often used in backsplashes and as accent pieces. Thus, since tile plays such a big role in many bathroom remodels, it is important to choose the right tile. If you make a hasty decision when selecting tile, you may not be as satisfied with the final result when the project is completed. Use the following tips to help you choose the tile to purchase and use in your bathroom remodel:

Make a Budget

Before you can begin shopping for tile to use when remodeling your bathroom, you need to figure out how much you have to spend. When it comes to making a budget for a bathroom remodel, don't make the mistake of focusing on a single number. You are much better off breaking down the total amount of money you have to each component of the remodel. For example, figure out how much you will spend on labor and then assign a specific amount of money for buying tile, countertops, new fixtures, and any other materials that you may need for the project. Once you have a budget in place for tile, you can begin looking at options in your price point.

Choose a Bathroom Color Scheme

It does not make sense to begin looking at tile for your bathroom until you have a good idea of the overall color scheme. It is often recommended that homeowners choose the cabinets and countertops for their bathroom remodel first. After those decisions are made, it is much easier to select the tile that will complement your choices. When you begin looking at tile, it can be very helpful to bring samples of your countertops and cabinets with you in order to ensure that you choose tile colors that have similar color tones. 

Consider Maintenance

Keeping a bathroom clean is a priority for most homeowners, but few people want to spend long amounts of time cleaning their bathrooms. When it comes to bathroom tile, it is a good idea to avoid natural stone or use it sparingly. Natural stone is quite porous, so it can be a lot harder to keep clean. Keeping natural stone sealed is also essential, so if you oft for natural stone tile, you will have to re-seal your tile every few years. Porcelain or ceramic tile is often recommended for bathrooms since they are so easy to maintain and clean.