Make Space on Your Kitchen Countertops with These 3 Home Remodeling Ideas

6 January 2020
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When you look around the countertops in your kitchen, you may find that they are a bit overcrowded, especially when you have been busy with cooking homemade meals. If this is something that you want to change about your kitchen, you do not need to invest in extra countertop space to accomplish this goal. Working with a kitchen remodeling company to take on other projects will open up your countertops so that you get more workspace to utilize.

Built-In Microwave

If you have a standalone microwave that you keep on the countertop, you can save all the space that it takes up by switching to a built-in microwave. When making this switch, you will only need to give up a bit of cabinet space because you must make room for the microwave to fit in. In some cases, you may have enough space along the walls that you can fit a microwave without making any adjustments. This is something that kitchen remodeling professionals can help you determine by inspecting the space and figuring out what microwave you want to use.

Additional Sink

An item does not need to sit on the countertop permanently to take up desirable space. For instance, you may find that with your current setup, you must place dishes on the countertop since you need to use your sink for preparing food, washing hands, and cleaning dishes. If you have a large enough kitchen, you may be able to install a second sink, which will allow you to dedicate an entire sink to washing dishes. Another option is installing an island and making it a priority to add a second sink that gives you more flexibility and functionality in the kitchen.


One of the easiest improvements that you can make to your kitchen that will help you gain more counterspace is adding a dishwasher. While installing a second sink will make a noticeable difference with dish buildup on the countertops, you will also appreciate what a dishwasher can do because you can start putting your dishes into the rack slots as soon as they become dirty. If you can fit in a large dishwasher, you should consider doing so because you will make it a lot easier to put pots and pans that are dishwasher safe inside for washing.

Remodeling your kitchen with these projects will open up countertop space in various ways. Learn more about what works for your home by contacting home remodeling services.