5 Remodeling Ideas To Change Up Your Living Room

14 January 2020
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When you remodel a home, some rooms are an easy fix. The kitchen or bathrooms are often something homeowners put a lot of thought into how they can fix and update the space. But when it comes to other rooms, finding a way to make it better can be more difficult. 

Take the living room, for example. Do you want to renovate the living room but aren't sure what to do with this basic and functional space? If so, consider these five ways to give yours a great makeover that will last for years. 

1. Add Lighting. Does the living room feel small or unwelcoming? Consider what could be gained from improved lighting. Natural lighting is ideal, so try adding more if the windows aren't very large. Or go for a skylight and add glass to the entry door. If natural light isn't the problem, look for ways to improve both decorative and task lighting to add drama and functionality.

2. Change Walls. Many styles of both new and older homes have closed-off living rooms that are smaller than necessary or aren't conducive to social activities. You can usually move or remove interior walls without much fuss, which will open up space with little other work. You could also adjust the room's look by moving a wall or even changing one from a full wall to a 'knee wall'.

3. Create a Focal Point. A focal point draws a room together and gives it a new focus. In a living room, your focal point could be a fireplace, a picture window, a built-in electronic nook, or dramatic flooring. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating something that will 'wow' guests upon entering. 

4. Add Architecture. If the living room feels bland and generic, add a little architecture to liven things up. Turn the entranceway into a beautiful arch. Add crown molding to the walls. Change the ceiling into a three-dimensional recessed ceiling. Give new drama to the fireplace. Or add a pillar or two for grand effect. One element of quality interior architecture adds personality. 

5. Boost the Entry. Is the front door entryway attached to your living room? If so, you might be able to make a big impact by focusing your efforts on updating this area. Start with a stunning new door, then add built-in storage and a bench. Purchase some fun and eclectic art or install a gorgeous chandelier. A welcoming entry area turns the attached room into a more classic space. 

Which of these ideas might elevate your boring living room to the next level? No matter what you choose to do, taking this opportunity to remodel the public area of your home will add to its value, function, and enjoyment for years to come. Contact a home remodeling contractor in your area to get started.