How Roofing Services Fit Into A Home Remodel

30 December 2020
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When folks think of home roofing work, they tend to picture repairs or routine needs. It is perfectly possible, though, to use roofing services to remodel a house, too. Here are 5 types of renovation projects you might ask a roofer to handle.


A dormer is an element of a house that juts from the roof. It's usually intended to provide additional living space on a home's second floor or even in a finished attic. Some folks add them to provide lofts, also. When there is an existing room on a floor next to a roof, a contractor might add a dormer to provide a window for that room.

Dormers make excellent exterior renovations, too. A dormer can break up the monotony of the lines of a roof, making it a great choice for a house that already has a very simple structure.

Changing the Roof's Color

If you want to give a house a quick facelift, there is an argument for doing a home roofing project. The roof takes up a lot of area, and changing the colors of the roofing materials is a fast way to change the house's appearance.

Different Materials

Not everyone is wild about the materials that are on a house's roof. Fortunately, if you don't like materials, you can change them to something different. Someone dissatisfied with asphalt shingles, for example, could swap them out for cedar shakes. This would give the house a warmer and more rustic appearance.

Energy Efficiency

While people often assume renovations are about aesthetics, there is nothing preventing you from pursuing practical remodeling ideas. Removing the existing roofing materials and replacing them with modern ones, especially on an older roof, is a chance to up the insulation value of a roof.

You also can add ventilation features. A roofing services provider can redo the cap of the roof to improve ventilation, or they can make changes along the edges. It's also possible to add a fan at the peak of the roof to improve heat draw during the hot summer months.

Altering the Roof's Shape and Style

A more aggressive renovation plan is to reshape the entire roof. This is a fairly drastic step that requires some planning, particularly if you're not inclined to remodel the floor below the roof. However, a few changes to the peaks and valleys of a roof can significantly alter the lines of a house.