The Perks Of Using Timbertech Composite Decking For New Construction

7 January 2021
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An outdoor deck can add beauty, dimension and better function to the outside of your home. However, the material from which you build it will greatly influence your new deck's usefulness and value. You need to build it from top-quality materials that will give you a solid return on your investment.

Instead of building it from wood, vinyl or other lower-quality materials, you can use composite materials. You can take advantage of what composite decking can offer to your new outdoor deck.

Fade and Scratch Resistance

A deck that is built from lower-quality materials like wood or vinyl can easily sustain damages like fading and scratching. It can become damaged because of flying debris like hail and branches during storms. It can also become damaged because of simple wear and tear caused when people walk across, sit on, move furniture across or drop something on the deck's surface.

These damages can be costly and time-consuming to repair. Instead of building a deck that is susceptible to them, you can use composite decking. Composite decks resist damages like tears, gouges and scuffs. They last longer and avoid having to be repaired often like other materials.


Composite decking is also typically insect-proof and is inhospitable for insects like roaches and termites that like to build nests in materials like plastic and wood. Pest infestations can overtake your deck and create a haven for roaches, termites and other damaging creatures to take refuge. Once they are inside of your deck, these pests can easily make their way into your home.

To keep pests out of your deck, you need to build it from a material that resists pests. Most composite decking is treated to keep out pests. A deck built from it will not become a source where damaging infestations can overtake your home and threaten your family.

Finally, Timbertech composite decking is also resistant to threats like mold and mildew. Your deck only needs to be sprayed off with a garden hose to keep it clean. It dries thoroughly and does not leave behind water in crevices or cracks where mold and mildew can grow.

Timbertech composite decking can provide a number of benefits to your deck. It resists damages like cracks, tears and gouges. It also is resistant to pests like roaches and termites. Finally, it resists growing things like mold and mildew.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries products such as Timbertech composite decking.