Update Your Kitchen As You Age For Comfort And Functionality

11 February 2021
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Remodeling your kitchen with a custom design will be perfect when you're aging. As you get older, your current kitchen layout and features could make it difficult to stay safe. There is also the risk of the kitchen being too closed-in as your mobility changes.

Checking what features to include with a custom kitchen remodel can motivate you.

Keep the Layout Open

As your mobility changes, you could need a walker or cane to get around. This can make a galley kitchen or one with a tight layout difficult to navigate. Opening up the kitchen or keeping it spacious should be a priority so that there are clear pathways. This can make moving around the kitchen a lot easier and help you avoid running into the counters or an island.

Checking the square footage of the kitchen can help you adjust so the kitchen is easy to cook in.

Choose the Right Flooring

Being careful to pick the right floors can keep you a lot safer while in the kitchen. It can be easy to slip if you have decorative rugs placed since they can lose traction and slip out underneath you. Finding non-slip rugs, mats, and other additions can help dress up the kitchen without risk.

Along with decorative additions to your kitchen floors, you'll need to compare flooring. Hardwood can provide some necessary grip, while laminate or tile can be slippery. Understanding the traction of different flooring can help you make an informed decision. 

Focus on Ample Lighting

Having enough lighting can make cooking a lot safer. This is vital when you're getting older since your eyesight could be diminishing. Picking lights that are bright enough or dimmable can allow you to see in your kitchen without any issue.

Find Extra Safety Features

Keeping the kitchen easy to use should also include selecting the right appliances. Having an auto-shutoff for the faucet can be helpful, as well as a water heater to limit the temperature. Even having counters that curve on the edges instead can help reduce the risk of injuries in the kitchen.

Finding the right updates for your kitchen can help it be a space you love cooking in. With your mobility and needs changing as you age, your kitchen needs to follow suit and change as well. Having a custom design planned for your kitchen will help you get all the features that are best for your age.

Reach out to a kitchen remodeling service to learn more.