How Custom Cabinet Panels Can Blend In With Your Refrigerator

20 July 2021
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If you are remodeling your kitchen and want the most streamlined look, consider adding panels to your refrigerator. Adding panels can ensure your refrigerator meshes in perfectly with your kitchen design. If all your cabinets are going to be custom-made, you can include your refrigerator in your plans. Here is more to know about custom refrigerator panels and other ways to make your refrigerator blend into your kitchen design.

What Are Refrigerator Panels?

Refrigerator panels are custom-made cabinets and panels that conceal and blend in your refrigerator. In most kitchens, the refrigerator is one of the most prominent appliances. However, not all refrigerators match the surrounding décor. This problem can be particularly noticeable if you have an open kitchen plan that is highly visible to your guests. The panels can give a decorative look without detracting from functionality.

Can Any Refrigerator Have Panels?

While you can add panels to many refrigerator types, panel-ready or integrated refrigerators are usually the easiest to do. Panel-ready refrigerators are ready-made for matching panels over the front. Some even look like free-standing cabinets. However, these overlay refrigerators are not recessed, so they still stick out from the cabinets a bit.

Integrated refrigerators can also be panel-ready because they have a design that allows them to be flush with the rest of your cabinets. When you put panels on these refrigerators, they completely blend into your kitchen. If you want to hide your refrigerator, choose an integrated refrigerator.

If you don't want a new refrigerator, you still have a chance to put matching cabinet panels on an existing one. However, this usually requires a little more skill and expertise to make sure the panels fit correctly. Some models have kits available, but mostly for higher-end refrigerators with French doors. A professional cabinet maker can give you advice as to the feasibility.

What Other Options Help Refrigerators Blend in?

If custom panels are not your thing, you can do other things to help your refrigerator complement your kitchen. Some built-in refrigerators do a great job of streamlining your kitchen. Many have a professional quality and include features like clear glass. Some have smart refrigerator features. Built-in refrigerators also give your kitchen an upscale look.

Paneled, integrated, and built-in refrigerators do a great job of giving a streamlined look to your custom-made kitchen cabinetry. If you have the right kind of refrigerator, a cabinetmaker should have no trouble creating custom panels. For more information about custom cabinets, ask your kitchen remodeler if they will work for you.