4 Ways To Make A Sunroom Addition Special

30 November 2021
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Selling your property and buying a different one is a possible solution to accommodate changing wants and needs. However, you can also work on your existing home. You may decide with your family that you want more natural light while inside the house. An excellent solution is to add a sunroom, which you can make special by focusing on a few essential details.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

An essential component of all sunrooms is windows. You want windows on all exterior walls to bring natural light in from every direction. The best way to make this feature special is by installing floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize how much sunlight you bring into the space.

Along with ample lighting, you will get a mostly unobstructed view of the outside. The only thing that will get in the way is the framing for the windows. You can minimize this visual obstruction by installing windows with a singular, large glass pane over multiple small ones.

Vaulted Ceiling

Since you are adding a sunroom to your house, you can easily plan for a vaulted ceiling. The ceiling angling upward toward the roof will give you ample open air in the sunroom. This will make the space feel open and inviting compared to the other rooms throughout your house.

Some homeowners may not like vaulted ceilings in their homes because they can demand more work from their heating and cooling systems. However, your sunroom will not be connected to these systems, which means you will not incur extra costs from an open and airy sunroom.

French Doors

An excellent option for entry to the sunroom is French doors. A typical interior door means that you will only get to see the beauty of the room after you open the door and walk in. French doors allow you to enjoy some of the sunlight and desirable views from outside rooms.

If your living room leads into the sunroom, you can even rearrange the furniture in a way that allows your family and guests to see through the French doors while sitting down.


Standard windows in a sunroom can provide ample natural light on their own. However, you can increase the total amount of sunlight by investing in skylights. This way, you will get direct sunlight entering the sunroom from the early morning until the sun goes down. The skylights will make up for the lack of natural light that normal windows get around midday.

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