Features To Consider For Your Custom Wine Cellar

7 February 2022
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Having a wine cellar in your home can transform the way you experience and enjoy wine. It's amazing to be able to store your favorite wines properly and know they'll always be both accessible and at their best. But what features should you include in your custom wine cellar? Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Rounded Corners

When designing the shelves in your wine cellar, consider including more arches and rounded corners, rather than sharp corners and geometric edges. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, rounded corners won't hurt as much if you bump into them, which you likely will on occasion since wine cellars are dimly lit. Second, rounded corners evoke a softer, more welcoming feeling, which is what people often want in a wine cellar.

Flat Shelves

Most wine cellar shelving is typically vertical, stacked cubbies where the wine bottles can be held horizontally. However, you should consider including some plain, flat shelves in your design, too. These shelves can be used to store whole cases of wine, special wine gear and equipment you obtain, and even books about wine. You may also want to temporarily set your bottles of wine on these shelves while you find them the proper place in your wine library.

A Display Case

A display case with a glass front is also a nice feature to include in your wine cellar. You can use this case to display your most expensive or meaningful bottles of wine. Some people even use these cases to display empty bottles that have already been consumed and loved. Imagine having the bottle of wine you drank on your 25th anniversary or your 40th birthday displayed prominently in the middle of your wine cellar. What a lovely way to honor it!

Lock Box

Even if your entire wine cellar locks, which it should, you may want to have a separate lock box included in the room design, too. This box can be a place where you safely keep your most valuable wine, but it's also a convenient spot to hide other valuables when needed. They'll be behind two locks, after all — the one on the door, and the one on the box.

Designing your own custom wine cellar can take some time. Be sure to work with a knowledgeable designer, and incorporate some of the features above. Before long, you'll be sipping your favorite wine and admiring your new cellar.