A Kitchen Design For Couples Who Like To Cook

25 February 2022
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If you and your partner tend to take turns cooking meals, but the current kitchen design is not supportive of each of your functional and aesthetical preferences, upgrading the kitchen to support dual cooking roles can be helpful. Use the following suggestions to help you upgrade the kitchen into an area that will be attractive and conducive to each of your cooking efforts.

Dual Cooking Spaces

Owning two stoves or conventional ovens may seem a little out of the ordinary, but investing in sleek, streamlined appliances that can each be used by one of you will open up new possibilities. For instance, the addition of two flattop stove/oven units will keep the symmetry in your kitchen consistent since the surface of each of these appliances can essentially be in sync with the height level of the counters that are in the kitchen. 

Speak to a remodeling contractor about your desire to create two unique, but compatible, cooking areas. A contractor will assess space constraints and recommend appliances that will be suited for the amount of space you have and that will provide you and your companion with the cooking features desired. 

A Shared Space 

A standard kitchen may not provide enough room for you and your partner to each have an area to place utensils, cookware, and other essentials. If you own plenty of items that you and your better half both tend to use while preparing meals, add a shared space to store these items within the kitchen.

This space can be used to break up the area where the stoves and other cooking gear are located. For example, if your remodeling contractor is going to install two new cooking appliances that are located along the same wall, you may want to have a racking system or shelving unit installed in between the appliances. This upgrade will provide you and your significant other with open access to the items that are needed to prepare food.


Your partner may like muted tones and a rustic theme and you may like vibrant colors and a more modern theme, but this doesn't mean that you cannot compromise with one another and come up with a design that you will both love. Your kitchen design team will show you how various colors and materials complement one another. You and your partner can each select some of the design elements that will add to the aesthetical appeal of the kitchen.