Use Kitchen Remodeling To Get Your Family More Involved With Cooking

17 March 2022
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Cooking and eating homemade meals are things you may have envisioned doing together when you started a family. While circumstances, routines, and preferences can play a role, you might ask each family member and find that they are interested in cooking and eating together. As a result, you may have decided to look at remodeling your kitchen to make it a more suitable place.


A factor that can discourage your family from spending time in the kitchen is feeling cramped. A narrow kitchen or one without much space to move around can cause problems. While you can change the layout or remove features, you will get better results with a room size increase.

Trading a foot or two in the dining room or living room can make an enormous difference and give your kitchen the size it needs to look and feel spacious. Another possible solution is to remove an island and either go without one or get a smaller one that takes up less space.


When space is not a concern, you may find that a lack of workspace can prevent your family from cooking together. While you can reorganize your countertop to create more prep space, you can enjoy a more permanent solution by expanding the countertop or adding an island.

Most empty walls are perfect candidates for extra countertop space. Even if you cannot connect it to the existing countertop, you will appreciate the extra workspace for your family.


Although storage will not typically make a huge impact on your family's desire to cook and eat homemade meals, you may notice a lack of storage space. This may prevent you from owning lots of small appliances and specialized tools. Another limitation is not having space for ingredients and non-perishable goods.

A walk-in pantry is one of the options for solving this problem because you can get floor-to-ceiling storage with everything on display. This way, you can walk into the pantry and look around for anything you might need to get ingredients and tools quickly and easily.

Additional storage can also come in the form of new appliances. A full-sized dishwasher will give you temporary dish storage, and a larger refrigerator provides extra storage for perishable items.

Figuring out your kitchen's weaknesses can help you find out why your family does not cook and eat as a family often. Investing in these projects could help minimize or solve these issues. 

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