Why Tiled Walls Are A Good Choice In A Dog's Room

25 October 2022
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If your family has recently welcomed a dog into your home, you may wish to think about turning a spare room in your house into a space for the animal. There are several advantages to your dog having its own room. When you go out, for example, you can place the animal in its room and shut the door, which provides the pet with more space than being in a cage. If you're converting a room to a dog room, you'll need to think about what changes are necessary. One idea is to cover the walls with tile, which you can buy in many different styles at a local home improvement store. Here are some reasons that tiled walls are a good choice in a dog's room.

Easy To Clean

Tiled walls work well in a dog's room because of how easy they are to clean. If your dog gets muddy in the yard, enters the home, and then vigorously shakes in its room, you'll have a significant mess to clean up. Even if you don't notice the mess until it has dried onto the walls, the smooth surface of wall tiles means that you can easily remove the mess with a wet cloth or sponge. Mud can be a lot more challenging to clean off standard painted drywall, especially if it has already dried.

Difficult To Damage

You'll likely also appreciate how tiled walls are essentially impossible for your dog to damage. A dog that is confined to its room while your family is out could get mischievous and start scratching at the walls. A large dog can easily damage drywall during this activity, potentially pushing you to replace a large section of the wall. Even if your dog scratches at a tiled wall for a prolonged period of time, the tile is unlikely to show any signs of damage.

Won't Absorb Smells

Drywall is porous, which means that it has the potential of absorbing smells. Some dogs can smell bad, particularly when they're wet. The last thing that you want is for the dog's room to begin smelling bad. If the odor of a wet dog seeps into the drywall on a repeated basis, it's possible that you might never get the scent out. Tile, meanwhile, won't absorb any odors, which means that you won't have to worry about this room smelling badly over time.

To learn more about wall tile options, contact a remodeling contractor in your area.