Five Ideas When Selecting Your Kitchen Cabinets During A Remodel

15 November 2022
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Are you in the process of remodeling your kitchen and now need to select the cabinets? If so, you'll definitely want to keep the following ideas in mind when selecting cabinets.  

Appliance Garage

Many people have plenty of items on their countertops that take up room and can be an eyesore. If you are looking for a way to hide these appliances know that you can install an appliance garage. It is essentially a door that can be slid up or to the side to reveal your appliances, where they can be ready to use. Not having a huge mixer, pressure cooker, or air fryer on your countertops can help make the space look more clean and modern.

Bottom Cabinet Drawers 

Ever have problems getting to those items at the back of the bottom cabinets? You can fix this problem by installing bottom cabinet drawers. These allow you to pull out the contents of what is inside so that you can easily get to the back of the cabinet. It's a simple addition that makes a lot of sense when you start using it regularly.

Rotating Corner Cabinets

Another place that is hard to reach is the back of the corner cabinets. The solution to this problem is to install a rotating corner cabinet so that you can simply turn the cabinet in a circle to gain access to everything inside of it. This can act as a solution to save cabinet space that is typically not utilized. 

Pull-Down Upper Cabinet Shelves 

Do you have cabinets that you plan on building up to the ceiling of the kitchen? This can make getting to those top shelves a bit of a problem. Thankfully, there are ways to design these upper cabinets so that the top shelf pulls down and outward. It can make accessing what is on those shelves easy for everyone in your household without the need for stools that are constantly taking up space. 

Pots And Pans Storage Rack

Have a cabinet where the pots and pans are all stacked on top of each other? The solution to this problem is a storage rack that pulls out from a drawer where all of the items can hang from their handles. It will make getting the one item that you want much easier, since you do not need to dig for what you want. 

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