Less Conventional Cabinet Ideas For Your Kitchen

3 March 2023
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Most people have a certain image that comes to mind when they hear the words "kitchen cabinets." You might picture Shaker-style cabinet doors, or perhaps flat-panel doors. There is nothing wrong with these fairly conventional cabinet options. They are popular for good reasons: they work, they look nice, and they are fairly easy to make and install. However, you don't have to be so conventional with your kitchen cabinet options if this is not what you want. Here are some less conventional cabinet ideas you may want to work into your bathroom design.

Glass-front cabinets.

Some cabinet makers create cabinets with glass doors. Usually, the glass doors are framed with wood or composite, so they look like windows. Glass cabinet doors look very pristine and modern. They are a good choice for small kitchens since they are clear and make the space feel more open. However, you can see everything that is behind them, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how vigilant you are about keeping your cabinets clean and organized. 

In-Wall Cabinets

Did you know that you can build a cabinet between your wall studs? With this design, the cabinet door is flush with the wall, and the cabinet itself is nestled into the wall between two joists. These cabinets are narrow; they can only be as wide as your wall space. You probably would not want to make all of your kitchen cabinets in-wall cabinets as storage space would be limited. However, you can include a couple of them to store smaller things like spices and coffee supplies. A few in-wall cabinets reduce the number of conventional cabinets you need, which means you can have more open space in your kitchen.

Open Shelves

While you might not want to use all open shelves in your kitchen, including a few in place of several upper cabinets can really improve your storage options. These shelves are the perfect place for your nicer-looking kitchen items that you want to display. They can also be a good spot for everyday items that you don't want to open a cabinet to grab. Try placing shelves on either side of the sink or one above the stove.

With these less conventional cabinet ideas, you can truly make your kitchen a custom space that suits your needs. Talk to a cabinet maker about these ideas, and see if they have any other ones.