Three Reasons To Upgrade To A Multi-Slide Patio Door

9 May 2023
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Having a patio door provides great access to your home's outdoor space, but traditional sliding doors can be cumbersome and have some security issues. Homeowners can now replace their older doors with multi-slide glass patio doors. These doors open in multiple ways and provide a host of benefits not found with two-panel doors. If you're ready to give your home an upgrade, here are just some of the many reasons to consider adding a multi-slide patio door.   

Better Security

Multi-slide patio doors are designed with interlocking tracks, which means would-be burglars will have a harder time trying to jiggle a panel until it slides off the track. Each panel fits securely within its individual track so it can't be opened easily from the outside. You won't have to worry about putting a dowel rod or other blocker into the tracks when you're not home, and you can feel more confident that your home is truly locked up at night or when you're away. 

Better Aesthetics

Traditional patio doors always look like doors, but multi-slide designs create the look of a large multi-panel picture window in your home. Your door can be the focal point of the wall instead of an element you try to design around. You can even customize the look with grilles and custom trim to match the rest of the design elements in your home. The frames can be finished in a wide array of colors and wood finishes to create a truly custom look. With built-in blinds or tinting, your new patio door can even provide privacy without the need for curtains. A custom window and door shop can build the doors to order so they're ready for your remodeling contractor to install. 

Better Access to Your Home

Typically, multi-slide patio doors have wider panels, making it easier for you and your guests to enjoy both the inside of your home and the yard. Opening the door in multiple ways lets you easily move furniture into and out of the home, and wider panels also mean your home is more accessible for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues. If you're looking to remodel a home for older parents who want to age in place, multi-slide doors are a great option. Not only are the entrances wider, but the doors are also easier to slide open when compared to traditional patio doors. 

Work with your remodeling contractor to create a wider space for your multi-slide patio door, and talk to a custom window and door company about all the options available. With the right design details and features, your new patio door can truly become the centerpiece of a beautiful home.