How Much Should Your Bathrooms Match? Some Dos and Don’ts

27 December 2021
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Renovating a bathroom improves the look, functionality, and value of the entire house. But a badly planned remodel can do the opposite. One area of renovation planning that can be challenging is how to integrate the new bathroom's look and feel into the rest of the house. To make it cohesive without being too restrictive or boring, here are a few do's and don'ts for matching your bathrooms.  Do Match Hardware. Read More 

4 Ways To Make A Sunroom Addition Special

30 November 2021
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Selling your property and buying a different one is a possible solution to accommodate changing wants and needs. However, you can also work on your existing home. You may decide with your family that you want more natural light while inside the house. An excellent solution is to add a sunroom, which you can make special by focusing on a few essential details. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows An essential component of all sunrooms is windows. Read More 

When To Save Your Money And When To Splurge On Your Bathroom Upgrade

4 November 2021
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According to Home Advisor, the average homeowner spends between approximately $6,596 and $16,370 on a bathroom remodel. The total cost of your remodel will vary depending upon the size of the room, the materials you use, the cost of labor, and if you are changing the layout. One of the easiest ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your bathroom remodel budget is to determine where you should focus your money and where you should cut back. Read More 

Tips For Picking Between Granite And Quartz

15 October 2021
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Are you remodeling your kitchen and having a hard time picking between quartz and granite countertops? It will help to know some of the key differences between them. Quartz Quartz is different from granite because it is a man-made material. While it may look like natural stone, it actually is not. The majority of it is made with natural rock, but it also includes resins that give it color and additional strength. Read More 

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

21 September 2021
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Out of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is undoubtedly one of those spaces that gets a lot of use. Taking showers or baths each day, applying makeup, or just giving yourself a quick pep talk before a date are a few of the many ways you spend time in the bathroom. All of this use will undoubtedly take a toll and before long you could find yourself dissatisfied with the appearance of your restroom. Read More